I Went Vegetarian a Month ago and Here’s What Happened

plant based vegetarian diet

Adopting a New Plant Based Vegetarian Diet

I’ve always been fairly conscious of what I put into my body, and for the most part I eat pretty healthy. About a month ago I decided to make the switch to a plant based vegetarian diet and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. To be fair I never really ate all that much meat in the first place. I really didn’t care for beef or pork, so chicken was the primary source of meat that I was eating.

My decision sprouted after watching a couple documentaries on Netflix ( Cowspiracy & Food Inc ), which I found to be quite eye opening. I was already in the mindset of getting my life back on track with a healthy lifestyle, so I decided to give vegetarianism a go. My new diet is mostly plant based with the exception of eggs, cheese, and fish on occasion. It has officially been over a month since my dietary change and here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

My Skin

I’ve never been one to have horrible acne, but I am prone to breakouts around my chin. Since switching my diet I have actually noticed an improvement in my skin ( other than my time of the month ). Eating a healthier, leafier diet with tons of grains and beans I think plays a big role. I know dairy can cause skin problems, so I think cutting down on that as well as cutting all meat has helped. You are what you eat… and your skin is too.

Feeling Full

I’m really not sure how I was brainwashed into believing I had to eat some sort of meat at every meal as protein. There are so many other sources of protein through plant based vegetarian foods that I never even thought of. I honestly thought that becoming vegetarian the biggest struggle would be dealing with constant hunger and the adjustment of losing protein from my diet. This turned out to be so untrue. With a little research I found so many protein substitutes to incorporate into my diet, and I have yet to die from hunger.

Feeling Better

Overall I’m feeling a lot better about myself. Starting a healthy plant-based diet was a great decision and it really motivates me to continue leading a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of my life. I feel energized, satisfied, and overall just good about myself.

The Options

There are so many options out there today for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian. I was worried that going out to a restaurant would be challenging ( I never wanted to be that girl with the odd meal requests ) but the majority of restaurants have some amazing vegetarian options. I love how most places even label what options are vegetarian so you don’t even have to ask. There are also so many health restaurants popping up with the core value of serving vegan/vegetarian food. Options are definitely endless!

E xx


plant based vegetarian diet


May 6, 2017