Sticky Bras


The bra comes in the cutest neoprene bag and there’s care instructions included as well.


DSC_0676 (2)

It also comes in this plastic holder, so when you’re finished wearing it you can store it back in the case so it doesn’t get ruined.

DSC_0682 (1)


This is the front of the bra, it also has a clip so you can clip it together if you want depending on the shirt you’re wearing. They also come in 3 different shades of nude, not just this one 🙂

DSC_0720 (1)

Recently I had the chance to try out a Silly B sticky bra! With Christmas and New Years right around the corner a backless bra is definitely a necessity. I have used cloth sticky bras in the past, but they definitely don’t compare to this one; it’s 100% silicone and it’s crazy sticky (lol). I decided to wear it for an entire day just to test it out, and there was no sign of it budging or falling off. Since it’s my first time using this type of sticky bra I was happy that it came with care instructions, and if you follow them you should be able to get about 20 uses out of it which is definitely a good bang for your buck! On an average day I usually wind up wearing my nude coloured bras just so that you can’t see them through my shirt, so it’s great to have one that is backless and strapless to throw into the mix.

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Bra: Silly B


December 15, 2015



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    December 17, 2015

    Great post!! I need to try them out.

    And btw your hair is awesome!

    X Merel

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      December 18, 2015

      Yes such a staple piece for a wardrobe! Thanks so much Merel xx